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Line 3 Defendant Releases Video Single For The Rights Of Manoomin (Wild Rice)
Streaming Everywhere on 11/05/21


Earthwork Music artist Samantha Cooper became one of over 900 defendants in the struggle to stop Enbridge’s line 3 pipeline this summer.


She was invited to stand with Indigenous leaders asserting their treaty rights and protecting the natural resources guaranteed to them under federal law. This nonviolent stand resulted in a misdemeanor charge, which she will challenge in court.


After spending a month resisting line 3 in MN, she created an interpolation of a song called “Tomorrow” by Miner - adapted for the water is life movement. 


Sam is a 2 time recipient of the Arts Council Of Greater Kalamazoo KADI grant. Since Kalamazoo is ground zero for Enbridge’s negligence, she decided to redirect her grant funds for this video single to amplify the stop line 3 & 5 movements.

Let The Wave is a love note to the rights of manoomin (wild rice). It features Frank Bibeau - the Attorney in a historic rights of manoomin case unfolding in Minnesota right now.

This track also features Shara Nova (My Brightest Diamond), Jaike Spotted Wolff (Camp Migizi), Holly T. Bird (Attorney and Co-Executive Director Of Title Track), Dan Rickabus (State Of Water Podcast), Seth Bernard (Title Track Founder), and Bryan Heany (37.ENT). Please see the YouTube video for full credits. 

Sam edited this video with Jon Stegenga (Humanizing Through Story) and Nathan Wright (MackinawOde).

 Samantha Cooper owns 25% of this interpolation; any proceeds will be donated to the Line 3 Rapid Response Fund.

This was made to honor the water protectors from RISE Coalition, Honor The Earth, Welcome Water Protector Center, Red Lake Treaty Camp, Camp Migizi, Giniw Collective, Stop The Money Pipeline, MackinawOde, Native Roots Radio, Friends Of The Headwaters, The Bay Mills Indian Community, MI Cats, Bad River Band, Up Hell’s Creek, Indigenous Environmental Network, MN350, Kalamazoo Remembers, Great Lakes Water Protectors, Oil & Water Don’t Mix and beyond. 

Special thanks to Lee Sprague, Yebishawn Oldshield, Daniel Hinmon, Kara Wiltstone, Bia, Nathan Wright and Gerardo Reyes for having me out on the water, and for sharing your joy in this video. 


#StopTheMoneyPipeline #COP26 #StopLine3 #ShutDownLine5NoTunnel #WaterIsLife #RightsOfNature #WeAreAllTreatyPeople #FrankBibeau #HollyTBird #JaikeSpottedWolf #SharaNova #SamanthaCooper #EarthworkMusic

Resist Line 3 Post - Let The Wave.PNG

"This single was made to honor the water protectors resisting the line 3 and 5 pipelines, among other fossil fuel projects."

- Bong Mines Entertainment

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