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Session Rates 

I generally request $50 per song.

I’m open to trades and sliding scale rates.


Session Requests 

Please send tracks 48 hours in advance.

If I’ll be reading sheet music, please

send 72 hours in advance.


Work Samples

I’ve recorded on over 70 albums —

it’s one of my favorite things!


Seth Bernard: Love Yourself 

(vox and violin)

Hearth & Hymn: We Are Alive 

(vox and violin)

Matt Jones: Sarah & Sullivan 

(vox and violin)

Samantha Cooper: “Snowsuit” 

(vox and violin)

Seth Bernard: Gorno’s Waltz 


Chris Bathgate: Water 


Maraj: And Danks 



“There is nobody else I know that can deliver the peak vocal hook of a tune, immediately follow it up with an irresistible string part, and then show up in the google doc with detailed notes to help make it all shine in the mixing process!


— Seth Bernard


Session Musician CV



  • Chris Bathgate, The Significance Of Peaches

  • Sari Brown, Holy Broken Heart

  • Chris Bathgate, The Significance Of Peaches

  • Seth Bernard, My Heart Is My Home

  • The Great Awakening Single: 

  • Joe Reilly & Earthwork Music 

  • Monte Pride, Even In Absence

  • Saltbreaker, Snowblind Single

  • Strawberry Heritage, Light Magic

  • Nicholas James Thomasma, Rolling Home

  • Max Lockwood, LOCKWOOD


  • Anne Erlewine, Over The Bones

  • Chris Dorman, Big Tiny Love song

  • Psypiritual, Kirlian

  • The Lasso, The Sound Of Lasso

  • Hearth & Hymn, Lullaby Bangers

  • Seth Bernard, Eggtones For Fun

  • Chris Bathgate, Dizzy Seas

  • Angela Josephine, Daylight

  • Andy Baker, One Fine Day

  • Veronica Mmari EP


  • ​Christopher Sloan, Dreaming Trees

  • Brian Koenigsknecht, 

  • From The Shallows To The Deep

  • Cassidy Bisher, Skin EP

  • Morgan Haner, Transmitter Blues

  • Seth Bernard, Eggtones Blues 

  • Stepladders, Stepladders

  • Old Factory, Chris Bathgate

  • Don't Go Not Changing, The Go Rounds

  • Jonathan Timm, Fever Dream


  • Westnedge Hill, Beat Brigade

  • Fallow Land, Pinscher EP

  • Milo Birch, Stepping Up

  • Sacred Strays, Sacred Strays

  • Jessi Clayton, Lightwave

  • Beth Patterson, Ponder Anew

  • Mechele Peters, A Thousand Fields

  • Tom Hymn, Early Magic

  • Maraj, Voyager

  • Maraj, EP1


  • Matt Jones, The Deep Enders

  • The Soil & The Sun, Meridian

  • Bowhunter, The Right Hands 'Round

  • Micah Ling, Kingdom Come

  • The Go Rounds, Purple Mountain Travesty

  • Seth Bernard, Reconciliation & the Great Beyonda

  • Mark Lavengood, No Part Of Nothin'

  • Hearth & Hymn, Vol. 1

  • Lasso, Golden Lasso

  • Silphium Blooms, Pattern


  • The Double Phelix, The Double Phelix Sound

  • Matthew Barney, River Of Fundament Film

  • Lindsay Lou & Josh Rilko, Time & Luck

  • Elisabeth Pixley-Fink, Bloodroot

  • Pat Carroll, Glow In The Dark

  • The Go Rounds, Feathername

  • Fiona Dickinson, Duende

  • Graham Parsons, Untitled

  • The New Green, Elaborate Maps 

  • The New Green, Easily Made, Easily Broken



  • Brek Rosengren, TBD

  • Heart Skin, Elisabeth Pixley-Fink

  • Max Lockeood, TBD

  • Timothy Monger, TBD

  • Seth Bernard, Title TBD

  • Gitis Baggs, Title TBD

  • Ben Lauren, TBD

  • Robert Blankenhorn, Title TBD

  • Carolyn Koebel

  • Cosmique Hypnotique

  • Joey Shultz EP



Samantha Cooper, Let The Wave

Samantha Cooper, Snowsuit

Samantha Cooper, The Most Wonderful Time

Samantha Cooper, Old Man Winter

Pickathon Presents, Hearth & Hymn

Chris Bathgate, NPR Tiny Desk Concert




Cosmique Hypnotique, The Lasso, Matt Jones & The Reconstruction, Fiona Dickinson & The Stone Flowers, Elisabeth Pixley-Fink, Hearth & Hymn, Maraj, Anne Erlewine, Chris Bathgate, The Go Rounds, The Chordelias, The Bowhunter String Band, The Rico Samwich String Band, The Double Phelix Collective


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